TS Mistress Mia Dallas Texas Transexual Dominatrix


● Ts Mistress Mia is a Highly Skilled and Professional TRANSEXUAL Mistress located in Dallas Texas!

● Custom Domination Services are offered in her Private, Upscale, and Extremely Discrete Studio.

● EVERY Session is Safe, Sane, and Consensual!

● All levels of Dominance are Possible! 

● Cross Dressing & all manner of Fetish Play is encouraged and welcomed!

● Submit to your darkest desires and your innermost fantasies will be satisfied!


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I'm a Transexual Mistress that offers very private and discreet BDSM services to Dallas Texas and the surrounding areas.
First and foremost let me say that your limits, your privacy, and your gender identity will be respected here. I understand all of those things on an intimate level and want to provide a calm nurturing environment where you can truly let go and just be yourself. If you can't have marks, I completely understand, If you're claustrophobic, I understand that too. A little communtication will go a long way with me so don't be afraid to let me know what you're concerened about!
Allow me the honor of being your guide along this erotic journey and to help you realize your darkest fetishes and most extravagant fantasies, let's bring them to life, together!

TS Mistress Mia Dallas Texas Transexual Dominatrix logo by Babydark!


My interests range from Tickling and playing "Dress up" to Total latex/leather enclosure and even the occaisional Forced Bi role play scene. I'm a lifelong Fetishist, you will notice very quickly that I love who I am and what I do. I also enjoy all forms of Humiliation and I dabble in suggestive Hypnosis, getting into your head is just one of my many talents! I can promise you that I will never just go through the motions, I put 110 percent into every session that I do OR I WON'T DO IT!

BDSM is sexy and fun with me, I can be a stern hard bitch or as soft as a kitten, that's entirely up to you and your behavior. YES I'm TALL (6'4") and I'm even taller with my heels or boots on! I will make you feel small and insignifigant right from the start, you can count on that! It's especially nice for those of you who love to be physically and mentally dominated by an unusually tall, strong, and confident woman.

I believe that there is a give and take relationship between Mistress and slave. Sessions are much more rewarding for me if I can give you what your little heart desires, of course I can take away that reward as fast as I gave it! MAKE NO MISTAKE I will be in TOTAL mental and physical control of you at all times!!! While you are in my capable hands you will have no worries other than pleasing your extremely tall and outrageously beautiful Mistress! (what a lucky slave!) My upscale and fully dedicated studio/playspace/dungeon is drug, pet, smoke, and drama free! I work hard to provide a clean and nurturing environment so that we may both slide into our prospective roles and get your amazing session started quickly and without interruption!

I believe that Safe and Sane play between consenting adults is the only way to play so we will discuss your limits and desires during a short interview before your session begins. I know you're nervous, but don't let that dissuade you from having the time of your life, I get a little nervous before the session begins too! If there was one thing I'd like you to know it's that I'm a real person, a person that's here to guide you through your worst fears and hopefully even a few of your Ultimate Fantasies! What are you waiting for, contact me and let's set something up so we can get started having some awesome fetish fun together! 


I accept Gentlemen, Ladies and Couples for sessions. All gender identities are accepted and respected here. I ask that I get at least 2 hours notice before your desired session time, but I would prefer to know a day ahead of time. Sometimes I'm booked up a week in advance so the more notice the better. If you have to cancel your appointment please do so in a timely manner, 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment is not timely. My time is valuable and I'm sure yours is too so lets not waste it!

I normally session from 10am until 11pm 7 days a week. Early sessions are preferrable! My tributes are as follows and are NOT negotiable UNLESS you're a regular of mine from the past, in which case you will pay the rate you paid at that time. All new clients must pay the reasonable rates listed below. There is NEVER an upcharge, I believe in transparent pricing, what you see is exactly what you pay.

I will accept additional gifts from my most loyal and devoted slaves, things such as flowers and gift cards from Whole Foods, Amazon, and Starbucks are always appreciated. 


$ 250
One hour is perfect for clients that have sessioned with me before who know exactly what they're looking to get out of a session.

  • Goes by quickly
  • Can do some Fetishes
  • Fully Stocked Studio


$ 450
Two hours is perfect for seasoned players that would like more time to explore their fetishes and also for novices that don't really have an idea of what they're looking for yet.
  • Just about right
  • Can do Most Fetishes
  • Fully Stocked Studio


$ 550
Three hours is perfect for everyone, also those that just can't seem to reach subspace quickly or would like to push their limits.

  • Non Rushed
  • Can do all Fetishes
  • Fully Stocked Studio


There are several ways that you can pay a deposit, the easiest is to click the button and send it to my email address The alternative method is to go to CVS or Walgreens and purchase an amazon gift card in person with cash then scratch off the "claim code" area on the back of the card and send me those numbers through text or email, I'll load them into my account and you're all set! 

The amount of the deposit will be subtracted from your total tribute amount.
A 50 dollar card is the normal deposit amount unless instructed otherwise. 


Here are a few things you should know prior to our meeting. This is designed to help you have a better understanding of what to expect and how to approach me. I expect you to read this entire page and REMEMBER the things stated here!

1. 24 hours prior to our scheduled appointment you will NOT touch yourself in a sexual way or view any kind of porn! This will be the most difficult thing you’ve probably ever done but it’s necessary to cleanse your mind and prepare you for your session. Please don’t cheat, you’ll only be cheating yourself, and I WILL find out!

2. Stretching is a good idea before your session, you may be put into some rather strenuous and compromising positions! Pulling a muscle will hurt far more and last longer than anything I will be doing to you.

3. Be on time! Not early and not late. If you're more than 15 minutes late and I have not recieved a call from you I will assume that you were not serious and cancel the session. If you must cancel your session please do so in a timely manner or you will never have another chance with me.... ever.

4. Please be clean and neatly dressed.

5. If you have a complicated outfit that you would like to wear for me please tell me in advance so I know what to expect and am fully prepared for you.

6. You will address me like this “Yes Mistress” or “No Mistress”.

7. I’m a larger girl, nothing about me is petite. If you’re expecting some kind of rail thin Brazilian tranny with a boob job and a tan then you should contact me and cancel now!

8. I don't use illegal drugs and I would appreciate it if you didn't either!

Now for the most important thing, Just relax and put yourself into my capable hands, I’m here to help you realize your fetishes and fantasies, there is nothing to be afraid of. I'm professional at ALL times, if I do something that makes you uncomfortable just communicate that to me and I'll stop and go onto something else... now call me already!


If you've sessioned with me before then please feel free to write a short "testimonial" and I will put it up here for the world to see!

"I didn't have a chance to say this earlier, but thank you again for blowing my mind the other day. I didn't think anything would top that first session. I was wrong. You had me so far into subspace, a place I've never truly been able to get to. You are amazing, the best at what you do. I can't wait for my next visit. Thank you again!"

“There's only one word to describe Mistress Mia, and that word is perfection. I have been meeting with Mistress Mia over the past year and she has taken me far beyond anybody else that I have met with in the past. I have a few physical limitations and Mistress Mia takes all of these into consideration when we play. She's the only mistress that I have played with without a safe word because I trust her that much.”

“Beautiful, calm, stern, confident, competent, strong, tall, thorough, gracious, equipped, devious, and understanding are the words that immediately come to mind when I think of her. Honestly I'm surprised that she doesn't charge more for her services. The next time that I'm anywhere near Dallas I'm making plans to see her and her long beautiful legs again! Thank you.”

"Looks exactly like her pictures and services provided are exactly as described on her website. If you are looking for a girl like Mia and know what you are getting into, then you definitely will not be disappointed. I had a great time and would recommend.”



"TS Mistress Mia brings a unique perspective to Domination. She truly sees both sides of the same coin as very few others can. She makes every effort to embrace her Feminine grace and style but also makes an effort to not forget about the importance of physicality and mental strength, the blending of those things makes a session with her unforgettable."

“I LOVE the feeling of surrender that washes over my body when you popper me"

 "Coming from the lifestylist side of things I was stood up countless times and hour upon hour of my precious time was wasted by fantasy losers with no skill or equipment. I began to see very quickly that pro's offer a valuable service worth paying for. I now get my fantasy fulfilled by TS Mistress Mia in a safe and sane manner, on time and with well maintained and CLEAN equipment. I would be very leery of anyone that is not a pro these days, honestly."

"In my experience there are very few people active in today's Domination industry that truly "get it".

Ts Mistress Mia is one of those rare few that understands a subs needs and can deliver like no one else I've seen.  She "get's it" wholly and completely. I have no reservation recommending her to anyone looking for an all out no holds barred good time!"


Below is a short list of things that I'm interested in doing and am proficient at, nothing here is set in stone. If you're interested in something that's not on this list then please contact me and tell me what it is. I'm always up for a challenge, anything is possible! Every bit of correspondence is strictly confidential and for my eyes only, nothing is ever shared with anyone. Privacy and Discretion are #1 in my book. 

● Giantess Fetish! (I'm a TALL dominant woman and you are a small Pathetic worm!)
● EROSTEK 312B and TENS unit Play, with External pads, Attachments, and DEVIOUS Internal Devices!
● Vintage Violet-wand Electro Play
● Popper play
● Forced Feminization
● Role Play (Mistress/slave, Nurse/patient)
● Cross Dressing
● Maid Training
● Corporal Punishment, mild to severe
● Paddling, Spanking, Caning, Single Tail  Whipping, and Flogging
● Total Enclosure (Latex or Leather)
● Sensory Deprivation
● Oral Training/Gags
● Trampling
● Chastity/Keyholder (I offer sessions through
● Forced Fluids (GS, spit, etc.)
● Latex/Leather fetish
● Intro to BDSM for novices
● Strap-on Toy Worship
● Boot, High heel, EXTREME High heel, Bare ● Foot Worship
● Face Slapping/Spitting
● Humiliation (Physical/Mental)
● Dress up/Sissy play
● Predicament Bondage
● Toy play (Small to XXL)
● Needle/Medical play
● ETC...



● Erostek 312-B power box with genuine Erostek plugs and microphone
● Venus for men (Venus 2000) Milking Machine with multiple reciever sizes and attachments
● 2 Latex vac beds, one with crotch hole
● PES unit with Stanley Jr. plug
● Professional grade TENS units
● Several vintage Violet Wands with many different attachments
● Various CBT and NT devices
● Various Canes, Whips, Floggers, Crops, and Paddles


● One of a kind custom chain Spider Web
● Custom Metal Bondage table with restraints, moveable legs, and slave cage underneath
● Custom white Medical Gyno chair with adjustable leg stirrups and restraints
● Padded St Andrews Cross
● Jim Support Sling frame and Leather Sling
● Jim Support "fuck bench" with attachments
● Heavy duty Metal Standing Stocks
● Free Hanging Bondage bar / Trapese
● Leather Total Enclosure Bondage bag
● King sized Throne Chair


● Private Throne Room with kneeling pad and Mistress worship area
● Fetish Medical Clinic complete with Sounds, Needles, Electro devices, and more!
● Rubber Romper Room with Rubber and Latex Hoods, Accessories,, Sling, and Restraints
● Heavy Metal Room with Spider web, Cage, Cross, Bondage table, and every style of Corporal Impliment you can think of!
● Forced Femme/Sissy closet with Outfits, Wigs, Makeup, Shoes, and more!


This very special issue of Forced Womanhood features TS Mistress Mia, the first transsexual Domme to grace the cover of our flagship fetish publication!
Our regular readers will recall reading that Mistress Mia is a friend, photographer, and business partner with Mistress Tracy Dallas (featured in issue #79) whose story so captivated us that we simply had to snag our very own interview in order to get to know more about such a powerful personality.
Stylish, Strict, and Serious Mistress Mia will take you to the edge of your fantasies and beyond with an unparalleled professionalism you can trust implicitly (and she considers forced feminization one of her specialties!).


If you can't make it to session with me in person that's OK, I offer phone sessions through NiteFlirt! Simply click the button below and you will be connected directly with me and have my full attention if I'm not already in a IRL session. If the button says "send mail" that means that my NiteFlirt is currently turned off, if it says "call now" then I'm available to talk so CALL NOW

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If you're looking for something a little extra wicked I'm now offering double and triple Domme sessions!
I normally work with two other Dominas,
I have a good relationship with both of them and each has their own special talents and practices which helps enhance the experience for you. Contact me for current rates and which Domme(s) you'd like to add to your over the top experience! Click on the buttons below to check out their websites! 


If you're ready to inquire about a real time session with me you're welcome to Call, Text, or Email. I'm normally available between the hours of 10am and 11pm to talk and I will respond to your text or email as soon as I have free time to do so. Please don't expect an immediate response, I may be busy with another client or any one of a thousand other things, I will get back with you in a timely manner though, I know you're excited but patience is key.